Table 5

Peroneal Neuropathy Assessment in Validated Inpatient Fall Risk Assessment Tools

ToolAssessed Peroneal NerveHow Peroneal Neuropathy AssessedOther Factors Assessed
Berg balance45NoNABalance, transfers, strength
Conley Scale46IndirectlyGaitHistory, cognition, vertigo, toileting
Johns Hopkins Fall Risk Assessment Tool12IndirectlyGaitAge, fall history, toileting, obstacles, cognition
Downton index47IndirectlyGait, sensory examinationHistory, medications, cognition
Elderly Mobility Scale48IndirectlyGaitTransfers, balance
Schmid Fall Risk Assessment49IndirectlyGaitMobility, cognition, incontinence, prior fall history, medications
STRATIFY50,51IndirectlyGaitFall history, agitation, vision, toileting, footwear, orthostatic supports, medications, environment
  • NA = not assessed; STRATIFY = St Thomas Risk Assessment Tool in Falling elderly inpatients.

  • Note: Among 7 inpatient fall risk assessment tools commonly used, no assessment tool directly assesses the peroneal nerve. Tools that assess gait are likely to miss subclinical peroneal neuropathy, which does not produce the characteristic steppage gait of overt peroneal neuropathy.