Table 3

Quality of Care for Those Left Behind From Medical Home Reforms Compared With Those Attached to a Medical Home, March 31, 2011

Quality of Care MeasureCrude Rate % (No.)Unadjusted RRa (95% CI)RR Adjusted for Patient Demographicsb and Comorbidityc (95% CI)
Recommended testing for diabetes
 Comprehensive fee for service25 (12,799)0.74 (0.72–0.75)0.74 (0.73–0.75)
 Noncomprehensive fee for service23 (5,022)0.68 (0.66–0.69)0.68 (0.67–0.70)
 Attached to a medical home34 (273,789)1 [Reference]1 [Reference]
Cervical cancer screening
 Comprehensive fee for service52 (67,963)0.78 (0.77–0.78)0.79 (0.79–0.79)
 Noncomprehensive fee for service50 (26,096)0.75 (0.74–0.75)0.76 (0.75–0.76)
 Attached to a medical home66 (1,460,364)1 [Reference]1 [Reference]
Breast cancer screening
 Comprehensive fee for service58 (38,078)0.79 (0.78–0.79)0.80 (0.80–0.81)
 Noncomprehensive ffee for service60 (15,762)0.81 (0.80–0.82)0.81 (0.81–0.82)
 Attached to a medical home73 (815,225)1 [Reference]1 [Reference]
Colorectal cancer screening
 Comprehensive fee for service44 (74,929)0.70 (0.70–0.71)0.72 (0.71–0.72)
 Noncomprehensive fee for service45 (31,831)0.72 (0.72–0.73)0.73 (0.72–0.74)
 Attached to a medical home62 (1,673,652)1 [Reference]1 [Reference]
  • RR = relative risk.

  • a Based on log binomial models.

  • b Adjustment for the following patient demographics: age, income quintile, immigration, rurality.

  • c Adjustment for the following patient comorbidities: acute myocardial infarction, congestive heart failure, hypertension, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, asthma, mental illness, diabetes mellitus (excluded when assessing recommended testing for diabetes), Resource Utilization Band.