Table 2

Maternal Health, Behaviors, Beliefs, and Related Interconception Care

CharacteristicRespondents, %
 History of depression (ever)19.1
 History of other psychiatric condition12.7
 History of depression since index child’s birth59.0
 Depression screening performed16.1
 Depression addressed (if depressed since index child’s birth)75.3
Folic acid
 Not currently using folic acid supplement58.1
 Folic acid use addressed44.4
 Currently smoking24.5
 Smoking addressed (if currently smoking)80.3
Family planning
 Pregnant since index child’s birth16.8
 Currently using contraception73.7
 Family planning addressed70.6
Health beliefs
  “I believe that my health affects the health of my children and children from future pregnancies.”82.9
  “I am willing to take advice about my health that affects my children from my child’s doctor.”94.7