Table 2

Subjective Priority of Attributes Influencing Acceptance of Pap Smears Among Homeless Women: Frequency Counts and Standardized Score

AttributeNo. of Times Chosen Standardized Scorea
Biggest InfluenceSmallest Influence
Support is available for all issues the woman is facing370510.39
Testing is done at no cost277960.22
Testing is not contingent on substance use189208−0.02
Counseling is available to discuss results182720.13
Testing is done at convenient time1741190.07
Choice of provider sex169178−0.01
Time during procedure for questions/explanations105133−0.03
Setting is accepting of homeless104231−0.15
Provider is kind88156−0.08
Personal hygiene accommodations83309−0.27
Provider is familiar to woman74262−0.23
  • Pap = Papanicolaou.

  • a Difference between count of chosen as biggest and count of chosen as smallest, divided by the number of times attribute was available to be selected per experimental design (for this design, 5 × number of respondents). Standardized scores indicate the salience of an attribute on a scale from −1.0 to +1.0. Scores toward +1.0 indicate salience as a biggest influence on testing, scores toward −1.0 indicate salience as a smallest influence on testing, and a score of 0 indicates no salience to the decision to undergo testing.