Table 1

Characteristics of Patients With Prescription Painkillers in National and Massachusetts Samples

CharacteristicNational DataMassachusetts Data
Sample size, No.216169
Sex, %
Age, %
 <30 y17.921.4
 30–64 y66.263.1
 ≥65 y15.815.5
Race, %a
 White non-Hispanic66.679.9
 Black non-Hispanic11.24.4
Income, %
 Middle low3024.5
 Middle high22.319
Metro area, %b
Region, %
 North Central26.2
Know someone who abused opioids in last 5 years, %
Discussed risk of addiction with physician, %b
Saved pills for later, %c
  • a P <.1.

  • b P <.001 (groupwise χ2 tests between samples).

  • c P <.01.