Table 4

Association of Subclinical Peroneal Neuropathy and Elevated Fall Risk (ABC Score <67.0) Within a Multivariable Model

History and Physical Examinationβ CoefficientOR (95% CI)aP Value
Normal findings on examination (reference)1.22
1 Positive finding0.8852.42 (0.77–7.66).13
≥2 Positive findings0.9522.60 (0.74–9.04).14
Global weakness1.0602.89 (0.99–8.42).05
Vertigo, dizziness, or balance disorder0.9912.69 (0.98–7.43).06
Osteoarthritis−0.7560.47 (0.17–1.31).15
Peripheral neuropathy0.8742.40 (0.92–6.26).08
Recent significant weight loss−0.7860.46 (0.15–1.38).17
  • ABC = Activities-specific Balance Confidence; OR = odds ratio.

  • Note: Nagelkerke R2 = 0.270; overall model significance was P = .003.

  • a Associations derived from multivariate logistic regression. The effects of age, diabetes, and poor vision or blindness were examined and not found to confound this association.

  • b Intercept term of regression equation.