Table 2

Results of Statement Cluster Analysis With Examples of Idea Statements

ClusterExamples of Idea Statements
Access and navigation (12 statements)Assist patients with navigating interactions with other departments
Identify patient transportation needs and concerns
Give more time for self-management support to the medical assistants
Access texting program to help remind patients about appointments, studies, medications, and referralsa
Empowering patient proactivity and self-care (14 statements)Patients could participate in creating an action plan for improving their health carea
Encourage patients to bring their medications to their visits
Examination rooms could have computers with health-related or disease-specific education modules for patients to view while they wait
Patients should have high expectations of our health care system, but they must also be patient: modern health care is complicated and frustrating for everyone at times
Formalize patient involvement in the practice (14 statements)(Patients could) work on developing standards of care in the practice
Provide more opportunities for patient feedback, committees, questionnaires, rating evaluationsa
Patients could participate in a “run-through” of practice redesign ideas
Patients could draft materials like brochures for procedures
Patient-provider communication (23 statements)Allow patients to give feedback to their providers
Patients could write down questions before their appointmenta
Provide a way for patients to give feedback to providers about how they are doing
Train the doctors to ask sensitive questions, for example, about sex or addiction
Community resources (20 statements)(Patients could) assist the practice in identifying community resources that can support health
(The practice could) provide help for patient caregivers
Offer more interactive health education opportunitiesa
Provide opportunities in the waiting room for things that patients could participate in
Technology (18 statements)Have a laptop or iPad at check in for patient health surveys and entering patient information
Increase opportunities to communicate with health professionals using portal or website
Have a method to help patients track their progress in managing their chronic diseasesa
Help patients with computers in the waiting room
  • a An idea that appeared in our go-zone diagram as having both high feasibility and high impact.