Table 2

Maternal Reasons for Not Supplementing Infants With Vitamin D

Lack of knowledge about supplementation“I didn’t know I should”
“Too young – will start soon”
“Never even knew vitamin D supplementation was needed”
Assumption that fortified milk provides infant with needed vitamin D“I gave vitamin D supplement when she was breast milk-fed, provider told us to discontinue when formula started”
“My baby went to exclusive soy formula at 2 months old, which has vitamin D supplement”
“Baby formula has all that is needed and recommended”
“Stopped giving it when I stopped nursing and started to give formula”
Assumption that breast milk provides infant with needed nutrition“Find it hard to believe the whole population is so deficient in Vitamin D, especially in breast milk”
“I feel like my breast milk was designed by God to give my baby what she needs. Babies have been fine and healthy without Vitamin D supplementation for generations”
Inconvenience/Dislike“It causes her to spit up”
“I forget to because she doesn’t take it well and doesn’t seem to like the taste”