Table 1

Practices’ Organizational Characteristics and External Incentives, Time 1 and Time 2 (N = 566)

Practices, %
VariableT1 (2007–2010)T2 (2012–2013)P Value
Organizational characteristic
 Physician owned90.686.8
 Hospital owned9.413.3
 1–2 physicians65.763.6
 3–8 physicians34.336.4
External incentive
Pay for performancea<.001
Public reportinga<.001
Percentage of revenue from Medicareb<.001
 21% to 35%26.628.4
  • T1 = time 1; T2 = time 2.

  • a The McNemar test was used to test for significant differences over time.

  • b The Rao-Scott χ2 test was used to test for a significant difference over time.

  • Note: Analyses were weighted to be nationally representative.