Table 4

Association Between Practice Organizational Characteristics and External Incentives at Both Time 1 and Time 2, and HIT Index Score

VariableHIT Index Score Estimated Regression Coefficient (95% CI)P Value
Organizational characteristic
 Physician owned
 Hospital owned1.48 (1.07–1.88)<.001
Practice size
 1–2 physicians
 3–8 physicians2.49 (2.26–2.72)<.001
External incentive
Pay for performance
 Yes0.47 (0.26–0.68)<.001
Public reporting
 Yes1.30 (1.17–1.43)<.001
Percentage of revenue from Medicare0.01 (0.01–0.02)<.001
  • GEE = generalized estimating equations; HIT = health information technology.

  • Notes: Linear regression model using GEE procedure. Data were weighted to be nationally representative. GEE analyses performed using SAS version 9.3 GENMOD procedure. The GEE model fits 2 cross-sectional regressions for times 1 and 2 with common regression coefficients and adjustment for the nesting of HIT measurements within practices.