Table 4

Directed Blame and Contributory Factors in Safety Incident Reports

Contributory FactorReports No.Directed Blame No. (%)OR (95% CI)a
Staff factors (eg, staff knowledge, failure to follow protocols)351203 (58)1.7 (1.3–2.3)
Organizational factors (eg, staffing level, continuity of care)216122 (56)1.4 (1.0–1.9)
Patient factors (eg, frailty, language barrier)263100 (38)0.5 (0.4–0.7)
Equipment factors (eg, faulty or missing equipment)358 (29)0.3 (0.1–0.6)
No contributory factors reported1,283461 (36)
All reports2,148894 (42)
  • OR=odds ratio.

  • a Comparing odds of directed blame where contributory factor is present vs odds of blame where an alternative contributory factor is present.