Table 3

Parents’ Recall of the Last Visit With Their Child to a Doctor for an Acute Respiratory Infection

QuestionParents Giving Response, %
A LotSomeA LittleNot at All
Were reasons you might want an antibiotic for your child discussed with the doctor?18263224
Were reasons you might not want to use an antibiotic discussed with the doctor?12152448
Would you prefer involvement in future decisions about the use of antibiotics for acute respiratory infections for your child?751852
Parents Responding “No,” %
Was there any discussion about possible harms of antibiotics?78
Were you asked by the doctor whether or not you wanted an antibiotic for your child?61
Did the doctor explain that you had a choice about whether or not an antibiotic was prescribed?61
Was the decision about antibiotic prescribing shared between you and your doctor?56