Table 1

Classifying User-Event Log Data Into 15 EHR Task Categories

EHR Task CategoryExamples
 AdministrativeAccessing patient demographics for telephone number before calling patient
 Billing and CodingAssigning CPT and ICD-10 codes to encounter diagnosis/diagnoses
 DocumentationTyping into a progress note within any encounter type
 Order EntryPlacing an order for a medication, laboratory test, consultation or referral, durable medical equipment, others
 System SecurityLogging in, logging out, secondary login to review psychiatric records
Medical care
 Chart Review-ImagingReviewing findings of a chest radiograph
 Chart Review-LaboratoriesReviewing cholesterol test results
 Chart Review-MedicationsReviewing medication list
 Chart Review-NotesReviewing an encounter note from office visit, urgent care, emergency department
 EBM, Point of CareAccessing an evidence-based resource available through an EHR link, such as UpToDate
 Problem ListReviewing or editing the active problem list
 Refills and Results ManagementRefilling medications; interpreting new laboratory and imaging results
 Letter GenerationDeveloping a letter to patient
 MyChart PortalResponding to a patient’s question about a medication through asynchronous e-mail–type dialog
 Telephone CallAddressing an incoming telephone call or generating an outgoing telephone call encounter
  • CPT= Current Procedural Terminology; EBM = evidence-based medicine; EHR = electronic health record; ICD-10 = International Classification of Diseases, 10th Revision.