Table 1

Comparison of Coding Outcomes for Domains of Merit-Based Incentive Payment System Measures

Dimension of Health CareDimension of QualityDomainDefinitionNo. (%)
StructureAccessGeographical and physical accessGeographical or physical barriers faced in getting to health services0 (0)
StructureAccessAvailabilityThe extent to which a health service provides facilities that meet the health needs of people0 (0)
StructureAccessAffordabilityFinancial barriers imposed on a person by a health care system/facility0 (0)
StructureEffectivenessStructural effectivenessThe organization of a health facility that enables care to be delivered as intended0 (0)
ProcessAccessAffordabilityFinancial barriers imposed on a person during the receipt of care4 (3)
ProcessAccessAvailabilityThe extent to which a health service provides services that meet the health needs of people5 (3)
ProcessEffectivenessEffectiveness of clinical careThe effective application of knowledge based care (evidence based or legitimate care)122 (78)
ProcessEffectivenessEffectiveness of interpersonal careAppreciation of the patient’s personal experience of illness or health care4 (3)
OutcomeAccessHealth statusThe clinical consequences of barriers in accessing care0 (0)
OutcomeAccessUser evaluationExperiences of patients in accessing health care1 (<1)
OutcomeEffectivenessUser evaluationExperiences of patients in receiving heath care1 (<1)
OutcomeEffectivenessHealth statusThe clinical consequences of the care that was provided19 (12)