Table 6

CHC Characteristics Associated With Above-Median Employment of Physicians

CharacteristicCoefficient (95% CI)P Value
Structure of CHC
 Size of catchment area (per 10,000-person increment)0.00 (0.00 to 0.01).19
Origin of CHC
 Private enterprise−1.84 (−3.60 to −0.08).04a
Daily staff composition (per 1–staff member increment)
 Specialists0.51 (0.18 to 0.83).002a
 Nurses0.24 (0.11 to 0.37)<.001a
Services available
 Number of servicesb1.04 (0.25 to 1.83).01a
  • CHC = community health center.

  • Note: The median number of physicians the CHCs employed was 7.

  • a P <.05 by multivariate logistic regression analysis.

  • b Out of 7 possible services: traditional Chinese medicine, sexually transmitted infection diagnosis and management, drug dispensing, family planning/reproductive health, maternal and infant care services, vaccination services, and mental health care.