Table 2

Association Between BB Index Score and Odds of Emergency Hospital Admission in the Nested Case-Control Analysis (N=2,892)

BB Index ScoreCase Patients, No.Control Patients, No.UnadjustedAdjusteda
Odds Ratio95% CIP ValueOdds Ratio95% CIP Value
Q1 (>0 to <0.257)1884462.6741.762–4.059<.0011.8321.157–2.901.01
Q2 (0.257 to <0.395)1714372.1371.422–3.212<.0011.5691.002–2.427.049
Q3 (0.395 to <0.576)1764861.9891.331–2.973.0011.3700.881–2.130.16
Q4 (0.576 to <1)1714591.9351.307–2.866.0011.1700.758–1.807.48
1 (ref)492351.0001.000
  • BB=Bice and Boxerman; Q=quartile; ref=reference category.

  • Note: Estimated odds ratios from a conditional (fixed-effects) logistic regression analysis.

  • a Adjusted for sex, number of general practitioner consultations, previous hospital admission, and morbidities. For complete table, see Supplemental Table 5,