Table 1

Univariate Logistic Regression of the Association Between Signs, Symptoms, C-Reactive Protein (CRP), and Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) With Antral Puncture Revealing Purulent or Mucopurulent Fluid

FindingOR (95% CI)P Value
Preceding upper respiratory tract infectiona,b2.09 (0.90–4.86).088
Maxillary toothachea1.99 (1.06–3.72).031
Maxillary pain
 Any0.42 (0.08–2.22).307
 Unilaterala,b1.66 (0.91–3.03).099
 Bilateral0.53 (0.29–0.97).040
Cacosmia1.37 (0.75–2.49).309
Anosmiab1.23 (0.67–2.27).500
Cough1.23 (0.66–2.30).516
Nasal congestion1.03 (0.50–2.14).929
Pain bending forward0.86 (0.43–1.73).681
Previous diagnosis of sinusitis0.43 (0.22–0.84).014
Purulent nasal dischargea,b1.52 (0.77–2.99).226
Tenderness of maxillary sinus
 Anya,b1.93 (0.97–3.85).063
 Unilaterala,b2.19 (0.18–4.08).013
 Bilateral0.76 (0.40–1.43).391
Tender tapping on teeth1.30 (0.69–2.44).415
Purulent pharyngeal discharge1.30 (0.61–2.73).497
Swollen inflamed turbinate1.01 (0.54–1.91).966
Edema over maxillary sinus
 Any0.64 (0.34–1.20).165
 Unilateral0.78 (0.39–1.57).486
 Bilateral0.48 (0.15–1.49).203
Laboratory tests
C-reactive protein
 >10 mg/L4.29 (2.27–8.11)<.001
 >15 mg/La,b4.75 (2.50–9.02)<.001
 >20 mg/L3.92 (2.02–7.61)<.001
Erythrocyte sedimentation rate
 >10 mm/h3.30 (1.77–6.15)<.001
 >20 mm/h3.81 (1.92–7.53)<.001
  • OR=odds ratio.

  • Note: This analysis was also performed for abnormal CT finding and positive bacterial cultures as the reference standard; data available on request from the author.

  • a Included in initial models for abnormal finding on antral puncture and positive bacterial culture as the reference standard.

  • b Included in the initial model for abnormal computed tomographic finding as the reference standard.