Table 2

Final Logistic Regression Models to Predict the Likelihood of Sinusitis as Defined by 3 Different Diagnostic Reference Standards

Independent VariableAbnormal CT FindingAntral Puncture FindingPositive Bacterial Culture
β-CoefficientScore Pointβ-CoefficientScore Pointβ-CoefficientScore Point
Preceding URTI0.59820.46110.4151
Preceding sinusitis−0.824−2−0.828−2−0.621−1
Tender maxillary sinusitis (unilateral)0.58420.47010.7462
Maxillary toothache0.63610.7412
Purulent nasal discharge0.5591
CRP >15 mg/L1.60241.46730.7542
Hosmer-Lemeshow χ2 test4.74a10.88b8.22c
  • AUROCC = area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; CRP = C-reactive protein; CT = computed tomography; URTI = upper respiratory tract infection.

  • a P =.79.

  • b P =.14.

  • c P =.41.