Table 3

Adjusted Analysis Predicting the Number of Emergency Department Visits for Children Aged Younger Than 5 Years

PredictorModel 1: Incidence Rate Ratio (95% Wald CI)Model 2: Incidence Rate Ratio (95% Wald CI)
Social complexity risk factor
 Parent domestic violence0.96 (0.92–1.00)
 Parent death0.85 (0.74–0.98)
 Parent mental illness1.21 (1.19–1.24)a
 Parent criminal justice involvement1.11 (1.09–1.13)a
 Child abuse/neglect1.08 (1.06–1.10)a
 Homelessness1.05 (1.03–1.08)a
 Poverty1.25 (1.23–1.28)a
 Limited English proficiency1.17 (1.14–1.19)a
Number of social complexity risk factors
 1 factor1.24 (1.21–1.28)a
 2 factors1.48 (1.43–1.52)a
 3 factors1.62 (1.57–1.67)a
 4 factors1.76 (1.70–1.83)a
 ≥5 factors1.92 (1.85–2.00)a
  • Note: Adjusted for child sex, race/ethnicity, age, level of medical complexity, and length of Medicaid coverage (months).

  • a Significant at P <.0001 level.