Table 4

Adjusted Associations Between Personal and Scope of Practice Characteristics With Burnout Among 2013 Family Medicine Residency Graduates Who Practice Continuity of Care (N = 1,617)

CharacteristicOR (95% CI)P Value
Female (ref = male)1.32 (1.07–1.62).009a
DO degree (ref = MD degree)0.93 (0.70–1.25).65
US medical graduate (ref = international medical graduate)1.37 (1.08–1.75).0099a
Age0.99 (0.97–1.01).40
Per one additional patient encounter per day1.00 (0.99–1.02).91
Take after-hours call1.04 (0.82–1.31).77
See patients weekends and/or evenings1.20 (0.98–1.47).083
Practice inpatient medicine0.70 (0.56–0.87).0017a
Practice obstetrics0.64 (0.47–0.88).0058a
Practice pediatric ambulatory care0.88 (0.66–1.19).42
  • DO = Doctor of Osteopathy; MD = Doctor of Medicine.

  • a P value <.05.