Table 2

Odds Ratios for the Association Between Characteristics and High Satisfaction With Care

CharacteristicOdds Ratio (95% CI) for High Satisfaction With Carea
Opioid use status
Nonuser/limited user (ref)1.001.00
User0.97 (0.87–1.07)1.32 (1.18–1.49)
Age, per year1.02 (1.02–1.02)1.02 (1.02–1.02)
 Male (ref)1.001.00
 Female1.15 (1.05–1.25)1.25 (1.16–1.34)
Race and ethnicity
 Non-Hispanic white (ref)1.001.00
 Non-Hispanic black1.08 (1.00–1.18)1.01 (0.82–1.25)
 Hispanic or Latino0.92 (0.76–1.12)1.10 (0.89–1.38)
 Other0.76 (0.66–0.86)0.79 (0.62–1.00)
Health status
Body mass index, per kg/m21.01 (1.00–1.00)1.01 (1.00–1.02)
SF-12 scores
 PCS score1.01 (1.00–1.01)1.02 (1.01–1.03)
 MCS score1.03 (1.03–1.04)1.03 (1.03–1.04)
Self-reported health status
 Excellent to good (ref)1.001.00
 Fair or poor0.81 (0.75–0.88)1.18 (1.06–1.31)
Self-reported pain
 Little or none (ref)1.001.00
 Moderate to severe0.74 (0.69–0.80)0.97 (0.87–1.09)
  • MCS=mental component summary; PCS=physical component summary; ref=reference group; SF-12 = 12-item Short Form Health Survey.

  • a High satisfaction was defined as having a composite patient satisfaction score in the highest quartile.

  • b Adjusted for all other factors in table.