Table 2

Study Quality Assessment According to QUADAS-2 Tool

Risk of BiasApplicability Concerns
Study, YearPatient SelectionIndex TestReference StandardFlow and TimingPatient SelectionIndex TestReference Standard
Al-Azab et al,16 2007HighHighLowHighUnclearUnclearLow
Brett,17 1998UnclearLowLowHighLowLowLow
Crawford et al,18 1999UnclearHighLowHighLowUnclearLow
Elliott et al,19 2008UnclearLowLowHighUnclearUnclearLow
Faria et al,20 2012UnclearHighLowHighLowUnclearLow
Kirby et al,21 1994LowLowLowHighLowLowLow
Pederson et al,22 1990LowLowLowHighLowLowLow
  • QUADAS-2 = Quality Assessment of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies 2.