Table 2

Dominant Messages About Epidemiology and Management of Mental Health Problems

CharacteristicMessage and App
Population: everybody“[A]ll kinds of people who, in certain situations, or in certain periods of life are: feeling stressed; need motivation and lack energy; people with mild mental distress, such as depressive disorders, anxiety, stress, and low self-esteem.” Mindfit
 Pathophysiology“The fight or flight response…can easily go into hyperdrive, making you feel uncomfortable and anxious even when you aren’t in any real danger.” Mindfulness: Brain-based
 Psychological maladaptation“[H]abits of thought and behaviors that are negatively impactful.” Mindfulness Daily
Apps and management
 Easy, effective, no risk of harm“All you have to do is LISTEN and your brain will do the rest!” Anxiety Release based on EMDR
 Importance of regular, ongoing use“You can…fit several mini-sessions into your day.” Meditation Studio
 Personal responsibility for improvement“Take action to improve your life.” MoodKit – Mood Improvement Tools
  • App = mobile application; EMDR = eye movement desensitization and reprocessing.