Table 2

Comparison of Patients With and Without a Mental Health Diagnosis Who Agree/Somewhat Agree With Perception Statements Regarding OpenNotes

PerceptionMental Health Diagnosis (n = 400)
No. (%)
No Mental Health Diagnosis (n = 2,134)
No. (%)
P Valueb
 I do better with taking my medications as prescribed236 (74.0)1,017 (67.6).025
 I take better care of myself296 (83.6)1,471 (81.0).24
 I feel more in control of my health care336 (92.3)1,789 (91.3).54
 I understand my health and medical conditions better341 (92.9)1,777 (91.7).43
 I am better prepared for visits298 (87.6)1,549 (85.0).20
 I remember the plan for my care better346 (94.8)1,763 (91.6).037
 I worry more30 (8.2)104 (5.3).029
 The notes are more confusing than helpful5 (1.4)49 (2.5).19
 I am concerned about my privacy152 (41.2)746 (38.5).32
  • Note: Mental health diagnosis determined by International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision (ICD-9) codes from clinic visits during period of note availability. All diagnoses identified before the post survey.

  • a P value from χ2 statistic.