Table 1

Questions to Explore Suffering

Are you suffering?7
I know you have pain, but are there things that are even worse than just the pain?7
Are you frightened by all this? What exactly are you frightened of?7
What do you worry (are afraid) is going to happen to you?7
What is the worst thing about all this?7
What is it like to live with ?19
What concerns you the most?19
What does your illness mean for you now and in the future?38
What does this illness mean for you in relation to others?38
How are you doing in everyday life? How do things feel?38
What is the most difficult aspect of your illness?39
What do you fear most about this illness (or treatment)?39
What concrete difficulties does your illness present?39
What should I know about you as a person to take the best care of you that I can?40
What are things at this time of life that are most important to you or that concern you the most?40
Who else (or what else) will be affected by what’s happening to your health?40