Table 1

Input Data for the Model

ParameterMean (95% CI)
CDA strategy
Scribe annual wage plus benefit cost15$26,741 ($21,879-$38,896)
Probability of turnover of scribes, per month168.3% (6.3%-10.4%)
ATBC strategy
MA FTE per full-time MD before ATBC (increased to 2.0 FTE per full-time MD after ATBC)170.73 (0.44-0.97)
MA annual wage plus benefit costs18$41,360 ($34,122-$48,598)
Probability of turnover of MAs, per month201.1% (0.8%-1.4%)
Both strategies
Visits per day by full-time MD1717.5 (14.03-4.2)
Days per year worked by full-time MD17220 (208-232)
Revenue per visit17$102 ($91-$113)
Visit duration, min1724.4 (18.3-30.5)
Proportion of visit no-shows among new visits216% (3.5%-11.5%)
Payments per patient per month under capitation12$19.43 ($16.65-$27.76)
Visits per patient per year under capitation172.2 (2.0-2.4)
  • ATBC = advanced team-based care; CDA = clerical documentation assistant; FTE = full-time equivalents; MA = medical assistant; MD = doctor of medicine.

  • Note: Dollar values are in 2017 US dollars adjusted for inflation based on the Consumer Price Index.