Table 1

Recruitment Approaches by Cooperative

CharacteristicNorthwest: Healthy Hearts NorthwestMidwest: Healthy Hearts in the Heartland
Participating statesWashington, Idaho, OregonIllinois, Indiana, Wisconsin
Recruitment organizationsWashington: Qualis HealthIllinois: Northern Illinois University, Northwestern University, Telligen
Idaho: Qualis Health
Oregon: ORPRNIndiana: Purdue
Wisconsin: MetaStar
All: American Medical Association, Alliance
Recruitment period14 mo (May 1, 2015–June 30, 2016)14 mo (Aug 27, 2015–Oct 14, 2016)
Recruiters4 Physicians (0.5 FTE)3 Physicians (0.3 FTE)
4 Investigators (nonphysicians) (0.4 FTE)16 Practice facilitators (5.6 FTE)
19 Practice facilitators (8.5 FTE)6 Managers (1.8 FTE)
5 Managers (1.9 FTE)3 Research staff (0.7 FTE)
3 Communications specialists (0.7 FTE)
Primary communication methodsIn-person, e-mail, e-mail blasts, conferencesIn-person, e-mail, telephone
Targeted number of practices250250
 30, Washington 50, Illinois
 20, Idaho 60, Indiana
 100, Oregon 40, Wisconsin
Prior relationships139, Washington360, Illinois
 Qualis Health Northern Illinois University: Illinois health information technology regional extension center; Telligen;
 Northwestern University: Chicago health information technology regional extension center
22, Idaho147, Indiana
 Qualis Health Purdue Healthcare Advisors: health information technology regional extension center
80, Oregon132, Wisconsin
 ORPRN (members) MetaStar: Wisconsin health information technology regional extension center
Priority stakeholdersPrimary care associationsPrimary care associations
State family medicine organizationsState family medicine organizations
Hospital systems leadershipHospital systems leadership
Independent physician associationsIndependent physician associations
State Medicaid service delivery organizationsState government health authority
State government health authoritiesState government health authorities
State rural health associationsState rural health associations
  • FTE = full-time-equivalent; ORPRN = Oregon Rural Practice-based Research Network.