Table 2

Implementation Evaluation: Required Practice-Level Measures

Required MeasuresDomain(s)
Change Process Capacity QuestionnairePractice capacity
Measurement of adaptive reservePractice capacity
National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey Electronic Medical Records questionnaire (2010)Internal context (includes practice organization, staffing, and patient population, and an assessment of the degree of EHR adoption of each practice and the ability of the practice to report quality measures)
Concurrent practice improvement initiativesExternal context (for example, QIO/QINs, CMMI, CPCI, and TCPI)
Supporting strategiesExternal context (for example, pay-for-performance and public reporting initiatives)
Implementation and adaptation of comprehensive approach to quality improvement supportPossible aspects to address: acceptability, adoption, appropriateness, feasibility, fidelity, implementation costs, and sustainability
Intervention trackingSpecific strategies used with individual primary care practices (adaptation to local circumstances was allowed)
  • CMMI=Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation; CPCI=Comprehensive Primary Care Initiative; EHR=electronic health record; QIN=Quality Innovation Network; QIO=Quality Improvement Organization; TCPI=Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative.