Table 3

Boot Camp Translation Participants by Boot Camp Translation Site

Site of BCT (Region of Recruitment)Community Partners/Academic Participants No./No.Examples of BCT Partner Backgrounds
Hobbs, NM (Hobbs, NM)12/2Community health workers, local pastor, county commissioner, educator, survivors and caregivers of people with CVD, local health extension agent
South Valley, NM (parts of Albuquerque and unincorporated Bernalillo County)10/2Community health workers, retired environmental engineer, medical assistants, members of a family-run organic farm, social worker, nursing student, local health extension agent
Greeley, CO (Northeast Colorado region)11/3Retired teacher and farmer, reading instructor and rancher, retirees, small business owner, public health professional, local practice facilitator, practice manager
Denver, CO (Denver and Golden)12/3Community members, pastor, community health worker/Promotora, teacher, retirees (retail manager, business consultant, accountant, engineer), public health student, primary care clinicians, public health professionals
  • BCT=boot camp translation, CO=Colorado, CVD=cardiovascular disease, NM=New Mexico.