Table 2

Adjusted, Significant Associations between Individual, Residency, and Current Practice Characteristics with Preparedness to Provide and Current Provision of Buprenorphine Treatment

CharacteristicPrepared to Provide Buprenorphine Treatment in Residency OR (95% CI)Currently Providing Buprenorphine Treatment OR (95% CI)
Prepared to provide buprenorphinea13.50 (7.59-24.03)
Engaged in researchb1.69 (1.05-2.72)2.17 (1.28-3.67)
Residency geographic region
 Southc0.30 (0.15-0.61)
 Midwestc0.28 (0.13-0.58)
 Westc0.52 (0.24-1.11)
Current practice geographic region
 Southd0.50 (0.25-0.99)
 Midwestd0.37 (0.16-0.84)
 Westd0.87 (0.45-1.69)
Current practice in FQHCd2.51 (1.45-4.33)
Current practice size
 Solo practiced,eReference
 2-5 physiciansd,e
 6-20 physiciansd,e
 >20 physiciansd,e
  • FQHC = federally qualified health center; OR = odds ratio.

  • a Preparedness is self-reported as prepared in residency to provide buprenorphine treatment.

  • b Research is self-reported in the survey as engagement in research or practice-based research network activities.

  • c Not included in currently providing treatment analysis.

  • d Not included in prepared to provide analysis.

  • e Not significant in currently providing treatment multivariate analysis.