Table 4

Risk Score for an Unfavorable Course of Dizziness in Older Adults

Predictor at BaselineScore
Age in years1 × age
DHI-S score in points2 × DHI-S score
History of arrhythmia
Looking up as provoking factor
  • DHI-S = screening version of the Dizziness Handicap Inventory.

  • Note: Risk score is derived by adding all scores. Example: A man aged 78 years with a DHI-S score of 14, a history of arrhythmia, and looking up not being a provoking factor for dizziness will have a score of (78 + [2 × 14] + 11 + 0) = 117.

  • A score of ≥134 corresponds to a high risk of an unfavorable course of dizziness. The risk of an unfavorable course of dizziness is ≥77.1% for patients with a score ≥134 (see Table 5).